We are a company of young, energetic and dedicated mindsets.


Standard, Certifications & Accreditation

  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System
  • ISO 9001 – Quality Management System


Law & Regulatory Compliance


Data Privacy & Data Security


Business Platforms and Services

  • We provide and help in establishing high quality secured Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO)
  • To deliver corporate value and growth, we combine knowledge, creativity, and deep industry experience with New IT and new capabilities


Automation & Innovation

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Automation & Robotics
  • Internet of Things


Technology Consulting

Application Development: We optimize existing and new websites to fit all Mobile Platforms which turns the look and feel of a Website into an interesting App like UI when visited from mobile browser and we also develop softwares based on our Client’s requirement.

Desktop Application Development: Our team is fluent in the latest software development and software programming tools and technology – C#, Visual C++, VB, MFC, WIN API, Java, Objective C, Win Form, Adobe AIR and Windows Multimedia SDK. We also provide next-generation business services like Rich Desktop Applications (RDAs) and Rich Internet Desktop Applications(RIDAs)

Website Development: We work on all web domains including Magento, Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, XCart, ZenCart, Php, e-commerce etc.

Our web development services provided by our dedicated web experts’ team include: – Intranet Web Application – Web Application Development – Web Portal Development – Mobile Websites – ERP and CRM Projects – Web Hosting Services


Business Consulting

  • We are also into solving complex business and sustainability problems with compelling data stories using insights
  • We also provide Business Continuity Planning consulting services, in which our regulatory specialists examine your programme and make recommendations for changes, as well as presenting the research to stakeholders. Your programme will be tweaked and implemented in accordance with your financial institution’s objectives and complexity.


Management Consulting

XPI’s management consulting services have been merged to give our clients a complete overview of their difficulties, allowing them to achieve long-term operational efficiency gains.

Our subject matter experts can provide significant insights and a variety of options to assist our clients maintain a competitive advantage in the long run. We assist you in achieving your goals for now and tomorrow.


Financial, Accounting & Tax Advisory

Improve the efficiency of your operations: Streamline accounting procedures while providing a positive client experience by sending out bills, payments, and reports on time

Improve the predictability and proactiveness of finance: Use dynamic real-time scenario planning, continuous closure, and on-demand reporting to gain real-time insights and intelligence to make better decisions

Improve your cash flow management: Better bank account administration, cash management, cash forecasting, cash positioning, hedge accounting, and treasury reporting are all things that can be improved.


Merger & Acquisitions

Move your mergers and acquisitions forward with confidence and speed.

We can assist you in generating value through M&A in a speedier and more certain manner. The speed and scale provided are critical, allowing firms to make more comprehensive changes more quickly than ever before.

Based on a thorough grasp of industrial value chains and underlying economics, we assist our clients in determining which areas and functions have the most promise. We do research and investigation in order to produce market reports that provide analysis and evaluation.

We also assist in evaluating buy side negotiations by assessing capacities to execute a transaction, determining synergies, and conducting due diligence.

  • Joint Ventures
  • Alliances
  • Mergers
  • Acquisitions


Startup Consultancy

Taking Small Steps Towards Your Dream!

Our experienced consultants offer unique expertise that combines varied entrepreneurial experiences, actual business insights, and practical solutions in order to assist organisations and people that are dedicated to those young firms.

For a stress-free start-up, it’s always a good idea to obtain professional business counsel and support. In general, our consultant works directly with each of our clients, assisting them in identifying the most crucial procedures and providing solutions to ensure that they are correctly implemented. Our consultants will be able to answer any questions clients may have, as well as provide advice on how to maximize their return on investment.


Workforce Management

To continuously optimise supply and demand, a balance of people, processes, and technology is required.

Our consultative approach and worldwide standardisation result in manpower efficiencies across vendor and captive sites for our clients. We are specialized in delivering considerable value in your operations, by providing end to end WFM solutions

Business Insight & Analysis

    • Analyzing and solving business problems
    • Outline business analysis processes for WFM requirements and solutions
    • Defining a framework that can help businesses improve by time management, forecasting workloads & resource requirements and offer analytical insights into the workforce.


Determining how many employees are required at the right time at the right place.

    • Strategic, Technical and Operational Forecasting
    • Long Term Forecasting
    • Short Term Forecasting


    • Capacity planning – Strategic planning and management of human resources. Personnel planners require a system that makes long-term capacity levels and demand visible and manageable at all times, not just at the yearly but at monthly, weekly, & daily level too for optimal resource planning.


    • In a sales, service, cost-optimized, and employee-oriented way, operationally aligning people demand and capacity.
    • Determining demand, allowing for flexibility in workforce deployment, and keeping costs in check

Real Time/Live Execution

    • We help in developing strategic frameworks and contingency plans to address all potential real-time and intra day service difficulties, as well as respond to escalated service dropouts by implementing immediate remedial pre-mapped contingency strategies.

MIS And Reporting

The evaluation of firms and operations is aided by reporting. Our experts aid companies in detecting problems with their Standard Operating Procedures, organisational structure, and other rules.

The Management Information System or MIS helps the business with a concise report that depicts the company’s overall performance divided into numerous subsections, providing a clear image of the business activity. It is prepared  by utilizing analytical software and various business intelligence tools.

Advisory and Strategic Consulting Services

    • Consulting For WFM Process
    • WFM Product Evaluation
    • Business Case Modelling
    • Standardisation Of The WFM Process
    • Integration & Architecture Of WFM
    • Governance Of Organizational Change

Cost Effective Modelling

    • Customized Support Model With A Focus On Client’s Service Quality And Customer satisfaction
    • End To End Governance and Execution of programme
    • Automation, Applications, Integration, And By applying Innovative Approach We Continuously Improve SLAs
    • Framework For Identifying Errors
    • Temporary and Permanent Fixes To Risks And Root Cause Analysis
    • Increasing Contact Centre Efficiency