We are a company of young, energetic and dedicated mindsets.

Pranay Deo

CEO and Founder – XPI Universal Services Pvt. Ltd.

I am delighted to say that our company “XPI Universal Services Pvt. Ltd.” was founded on the idea that service to humanity will take us to a path of sustainable growth and will provide an inner satisfaction to all the internal as well as external stakeholders. We started with an objective of providing a wide variety of solutions, with or without the aid of technology, to our clients and communities for ease of doing things.

We remain dedicated to the core concept of “service to society” and “inclusive growth”, which are pillars to our vision and mission. Built around these strong pillars, we constantly strive to achieve our goals through an inclusive approach, that allow us to move forward simultaneously on multiple fronts both at “for profit” and “not for profit” to have a far reaching implications on the “bottom of the pyramid” and the society as a whole, as a responsible ethical enterprise.

We strongly believe that our reputation based on the impact we create in the society, is our most treasured asset and the foundation on which this company was built. Everyone at XPI believes that the only way to improve our reputation is not only to meet our commitment, but also to exceed the client’s expectations, and deliver “Excellence” and build long lasting relationships for repeated business. This approach motivates clients to look at us as their integral trusted partners in solving their problems. We do this by understanding our client’s vision/mission, problems, project objectives and deliverables. In order to serve society better, we keep providing the training and job opportunities to Global and local youths so that they can act as a change agent in the society.